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Beat might then be a fully re-watchable film like Lee Myung-se's masterpiece on movement Nowhere To Hide and his equally delightful meditation on motion Duelist.Instead, to find pleasure in a Beat repeat, I find it best to fast forward through scenes where the characters aren't moving, as if your remote control is Min's motorcycle, parking at the fight scenes, the scenes racing through Seoul, or the scenes where Romi is dissembling.It is these scenes where Kim Sung-soo orchestrates a Beat we all can dance to.If much of the dialogue was cut out and we were just allowed to watch the friendship triangle of centerpoint Min with the two lower edges of Tae-soo and Whan, and the romantic dyad of Min with Romi (Ko So-young, Love Wind, Love Song, APT), the film might be more watchable years hence.Lee has become a stronger and more refined filmmaker over time, and his later features Peppermint Candy (2000) and Oasis (2002) carry more of his personal style than Green Fish.Nonetheless Green Fish stands well on its own, and it offers an impassioned if pessimistic view of Korea that lends depth to the genre of gangster films.The prime culprit for Beat falling out of fashion might be the fashion.Whan's overalls scream sartorial choices from the 90's that are best forgotten.

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The assistant director and co-writer, Oh Sung-wook, went on to make Kilimanjaro (2000).Even the sex scene between Min and Sunny (Sa Hyeon-jin, Last Present, The Wig) has more dramatic impact because it's shown through visuals, through bodies enraptured, rather than dialogue.As Min races through the freeways of Seoul on his fancy crotch rocket, when he lets go of his handlebars you can feel that his character has let go of anything rational for everything visceral.It was produced by what is now Korea's biggest film studio in Cinema Service, and executive produced by Kang Woo-suk (Two Cops).The film's producer, Yeo Kyun-dong, is both an actor (Love Bakery) and a director (La Belle) in his own right.Beat introduces us to young thugs Min and Tae-soo as they wreak havoc on local gangs.Hoping for something beyond pugilism for her son, Min's mom (prominent South Korean marijuana legalization advocate Kim Bu-seon, To You, From Me, Monster) moves Min to another school, severing these best of buddies.This can be seen perhaps most clearly in the inner conflicts and problems faced by Makdong's family.A scene towards the end of the film, in which a family picnic disintegrates into chaos, shows how unstability has kept the family from growing close, or providing each other with any emotional support.Green Fish features an all-star cast and crew, although many of them were not well-known at the time.The actors include Han Suk-kyu, Moon Sung-keun, Shim Hye-jin, Song Kang-ho, Jung Jin-young (Hi, Dharma), Oh Ji-hye (Waikiki Brothers), Myung Kay-nam (My Beautiful Days), and even Han Suk-gyu's brother, Han Sun-gyu.

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