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If the megawatts of all the approved plans were added together, the capacity could equal all the current coal-fired plants in the region.

Less demand for coal by plants mean less work for miners. That’s part of the “war on coal” Trump has pledged to reverse and what got him so many votes in the middle and western areas of Pennsylvania, a swing state in the presidential election.

King Coal was dethroned last year by natural gas as the top fuel choice in electric generation in the state.

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Methane exists in much smaller amounts in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, but is much more efficient in terms of trapping heat.

So cutting the use of coal curbs greenhouse gases by default.

Between 20, the state approved 47 plants fired by natural gas, according to Karen Feridun, who is with the activist group Pennsylvanians against Fracking. "Trading one climate killer for another is not the solution," Feridun said.

Greenhouse gases trap heat and scientists say they contribute to climate change.

One of Pennsylvania’s biggest coal-fired plants - Homer City - filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this year so it could reorganize. A representative for General Electric, Homer City’s parent company, did not respond to a request to comment.

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