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The Asj Community is intended for mature adults who are serious about their explorations within the boundaries of the D/s (Dominant submissive) lifestyle and power exchange relationships, including BDSM.

This site contains adult content and is not intended for those under 18 years of age.

Have fun spending time with gay master and slaves and you woudnt t ever regret about it!

Here you could become a witness how disobedient enslaved boys get tortured, fucks and fisted hard by hugecocked merciless masters for their bad behavior.

My name is maigal Kajira meaning beautiful slave I lived with my sexy master for six under his loving hands we were very hot and erotic he was in a relationship with a woman but me and my master proved to be inseparable much to her dislike i was to take over her place as... it would be nice to react with others who share the same KINKY relationship as I do...

I am in a Master/Slave relationship for 4 years now ((( off & on ))) This is the first time I have written about it in any kind of forum. Being a slave and owned to a nice master is a great feeling I feel love with my master , I feel I need to give him all what I can with no return Being a slave and owned is a real love feeling I do things I am asked to No limites to my master He knows I am owned by him I... and my master is very good to me but my only problem is he wants more than just me..

My own life had some odd twists and turns which ended up with my mother and I attempting to flee China and were caught in Burma near the Thai border and sold as sex slave to a Japanese Yakuza...

Not looking for sex, but the Man will sometimes have me help Him release. After being recently divorced I met a wonderful man who very quickly became my Master. He tells me I'm his slave for life yet he may be moving soon... The intensity of learning to let go , well to be honest, when you have been vanilla all you life and in total control of every aspect, it is... After I was in relationship with my first affair "Mr Lee", like addiction, to be met more often and sex often.

Mostly it's chores, laundry, shining shoes, boots, cleaning cars and trucks, foot massages, and... I'm very new to this, yet it feels as if I was born to be in this role. hello i am from london i am really looking forward to be a full time master for a slave who is willing to obey my needs and insterest. Because he was living with his wife and I was living with my son, we always go hotel to make love.

and I enjoy the life style a lot but my Master seems like he is loosing faith in me.

We live a few hours away and we don't get to see each other much but when I am with him I aim to please him and listen to his rules all the time even when I am not with him. i been a subfor 20 years i got new master been together for 7 months things are good he is a new master but he loves me he kind but strict he feels sometimes he could do better but for new master he good i just like say master inlove u more i can say glad u my master :) And I love him more than ever.

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