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To explain this, I have decided to put forth this chapter.This was a common statement from many of my readers that their women didn't agree and had various reactions and objection to the idea.I would deal with the objection one by one in the following paragraphs but at this stage I must tell you that these words are never to be spoken to your wife, "I want to watch you fuck other guys," you have to express this but not use the words. She feels the idea is weird and can best be a fantasy. She doesn't understand your fantasy and doesn't understand why a man would like his wife to fuck other men. She could make fun that this is your fantasy only and if she was to make it a reality you will chicken out. She feels you will get hurt if she sleeps with other men. She's worried about anything going wrong, like people finding out, your children finding out, if she gets too connected with other guy or if she falls in love with the other guy. She said she needs to develop an emotional connection before having sex and cannot just jump on the first guy she sees. She says that the relationship will fall apart if things are complicated by bringing in a third person.Let me list down the various objections women give when you open up about your fantasy with her, a. Your wife could have any of the above or many of the above-mentioned objections.

She doesn't understand your fantasy and doesn't understand why a man would like his wife to fuck other men.Now life is not this simple that you can infer a yes or no from her objections.She may be having many objections or all of the above objections.Well don't try to make her understand because she will never, she is not a man. To understand this, you have to have cuckold tendencies in you, only you know how good it feels when men drool over your wife.The women mind is designed in such a way that it shuts down to something which is not normal as per her upbringing.What happened in these 24 hours, nothing changed, the person is same, the bonding and understanding between you two is same, the love and level of trust is same.The only thing that changed is her mental block, her mind is configured in such a way that she was completely shut to the idea of having sex and once married she was ready to consider it, ready to think about it and willingly participates in it.It is not what you say that matters but how you say it, matters.The groundwork that includes being submissive to her and be like her girlfriend is only so that she can never fathom that you could be interested in any other women.Let me give you an example, some women are opposed to the idea of having sex before marriage (it may sound like centuries old belief but consider it as an example), so these women won't let you do anything sexual even a day before the marriage citing many reason.But next day after you take your vows they are willing to spread their legs.

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