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I used to see the smoke and flames rise from that same pit every evening as I drove home. Fortunately there were no takers for my erotic fantasies and he finally traded them back to me for a couple of small landscapes. I happened to see a sanitation worker pick up a discarded painting I had left on top of my bin, look at it, break it over his knee, and toss it in the truck. Jeffrey Hessing: I’m drawn to ‘Porcelain Dog’ due to its whimsical subject matter, loose style and warm colours. Perhaps a painting is your favorite and you have hung it in your own house for a time before parting with it. I prefer to sign on the left because sometimes I don’t plan for enough space… I suppose if I always signed with the same brush, I would eventually learn… The proper designation for exhibition is “one-off digital print.” There is little need to designate as “original.” If you want to maintain your integrity, destroy the file.Much to my shock and embarrassment those same drawings showed up at a dealer who said he bought them at a flea market. The last time I did some spring cleaning I hired a kid to spray paint over the rejects or tear them into tiny pieces before they went into the trash. Like Robert, you simplify forms into abstract shapes for an overall joyful, fascinating effect. I always sign in the left corner — I am left handed and it is easier. but for some reason I sign bigger on big paintings and smaller on small ones. If a piece is created, then printed, is it proper to call it an original if only one copy is printed and signed as the original? Signing, archiving, and estate planning by Brad Michael Moore, Perrin, TX, USA Coming from a photographic background, the dating aspect has a whole different and iconic meaning for my genre.The best of all my film works have been digitized anyway — so that is not my worry.

I have a lot of dogs as I am not a career artist and have only discovered pastels in 2008.Since the advent of the Internet, collectors seem to want more provenance. What, when, where, why and how may be of interest to latter-day students and researchers.Speaking of books, we’re constantly refreshing our oft-visited ” Books on Artists’ Shelves.” Please feel free to add your own current favourites.Even a painter wants digital artifacts of their work to be held within the estate for as long as protections by law are available.If only to control, and allow, reproduction rights to periodicals, textbooks, and other publishing opportunities that may be beneficial to the future estate, and for art history — if one is so lucky.Sometimes it takes a while for a painting to make it out of the studio, but that doesn’t mean it is of less value than newer works.I often sell older paintings, but they are “new” to the gallery and the eyes of the collector.While I’m still confident a lot of the time, I still anguish over every one and reject about 20%.Incidentally, putting them on the roof of the car and taking them to the dump was a euphemism. A good ‘dump’ story by Jeffrey Hessing, Nice, France Taking work to the dump is not sufficient for the “dogs.” I once took a roll of life-sized erotic drawings, starring yours truly, to the dump and watch them drop into a deep pit. I find destroying them myself and putting them in a trash bag much less humbling.Dear Artist, Yesterday, Marjorie Moeser of Toronto, ON, Canada, wrote, “I sometimes place my signature to the left at the bottom because it suits the composition better than having it on the right. Mostly I sign in black, but sometimes white or a neutral tone. Leaving the signature off the front of a painting may be okay for internationally-famous iconic artists whose style is so recognizable that anyone who didn’t know who was responsible for the work might be considered a knuckle-dragging Philistine. For artists who regularly exhibit in commercial galleries and switch their work around from time to time, the date needs to be left off both the front and the back.But I’ve done paintings that seem to say “no” to a signature up front. That way the art remains “new.” I’ve had ten-year-old paintings with more exposure than Mitt Romney’s dog arrive at a new gallery and quickly find a discriminating collector.

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