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Gaining affection with the girls also unlocks unique combat perks and special skills.

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Already, your support has allowed me to buy licenses for development tools, purchase commercial 3d assets, and recruit Aimless Art as a dedicated artist.Six friends have decided to spice up their small party with a deck of custom cards.Each player draws a card every turn and one player from each team to step forward and exchange cards from their hands with ones on the table.j Query(document).ready(function($){ if($('#sticky_skyscraper').length){ var ss_top = $('#sticky_skyscraper').offset().top; var ss_height = $('#sticky_skyscraper').height(); if($('.social-network-bar').length)else{ var stop_at = $('.Development Blog Hello, I am The Silver Bard: game designer, programmer, and writer for Silver Bard Games.Download Page Your freshman year in college suddenly becomes much more interesting as you're invited to an underground sexfighting competition.Amazingly, you discover that you are the only male participant this year! Does it really even matter when these four beautiful girls are literally throwing themselves at you?The game consists of figuring out the girl's comfort zone and seeing what you can accomplish in those 7 minutes.Steph is a short, outgoing girl who has been flirting with you recently.I’m sitting here, and, not for the first time in recent vintage, I am sighing and lamenting that there are no dating sim elements in the Pokemon games. Its bad enough that Joey calls me up to talk about his Rattata and Tiffany always wants to talk about her Flaafy (dude, no one cares about your fucking Flaafy) – imagine how horrible it’d be if they just started calling you up to ask you things like what your sign is (do people still ask this???I keep telling myself that if I beat Jasmine in Heart Gold, then I will be able to ask her out… I’m an anime fan, I shun social contact) and if you want to go see a movie Friday night. So there has to be a decently limited pool of possible people upon which to mack.

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