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Today, empty windows look down on the picturesque Neckar valley and ivy-covered wall remains point into the sky like rugged rocks.

For this purpose, all buildings were documented and surveyed. “This probably is the most complete survey of a German palace,” Hanschke says.

Digital reconstruction now produced gigantic amounts of data.

In the simulation by Julian Hanschke of the KIT Institute of History of Art and Architecture, however, visitors can climb up the formerly massive, but now half-destroyed Bulky Tower, walk under the groined vaults of the Emperor Hall of the Ottheinrich Building, look at the figures decorating the Friedrich Building reminding us of a Venetian palazzo, or let their eyes wander through the courtyard of 1683.

This reconstruction by the architectural historian reaches a wealth of details that by far exceeds that of reconstructions of the landmarks of Constantinople in the renaissance era, revolutionary Paris or Victorian London by the developers of the highly popular video-game series of Assassin’s Creed.

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