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Director: Jim Charleston A sizzling affair and macabre death with a vampire leads detective Frank Kohanek (C.Thomas Howell) to the violent world of the undead ruled by the Prince of the Vampires, Julian Luna (Mark Frankel).

It was released on Region 2 DVD on April 8, 2002 distributed by Millivres Multimedia.

Claude then goes to a gay bar and meets Lucy (Leisha Hailey), a pink-haired guitarist who is playing in the house band.

Claude goes to Lucy's apartment, but freaks out and leaves, returning to her apartment to find Ellen waiting for her.

On the way home, Claude is ambushed in the street by Mark, who questions her relationship with Ellen.

Claude threatens to tell the police about Mark's possible involvement in Luke's death. Claude tells her that they need to tell the police about Mark, but Ellen says she would go to jail if they knew about her involvement. Claude kisses Ellen and tells her that she loves her. The MPAA gave All Over Me an R rating for sexuality and drug use involving teen girls, and for strong language.

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