Taylor swift dating drew doughty

The Detroit Red Wings are one of the NHL's original six teams, and as a result, they have had a long and storied history which includes many great players and multiple Stanley Cup victories.

The Red Wings are special in another way though, because they currently have the longest playoff streak in all of professional sports with 25 straight postseason appearances, a streak that is in real jeopardy of ending this year despite the fact that they have many talented offensive players.

Doughty has spent his entire eight-year career with Los Angeles, and for most of that time, he has had the same beautiful woman by his side.

Nicole Arruda was born and raised in the Canadian province of Ontario, and she currently lives in Toronto, which makes their relationship a long-distance one, and in her free time, she helps low-income students to graduate from school, and acts as a public school track coach; and when it comes to work, she is a professional programmer and tech venue specialist.

As of right now, the Pittsburgh Penguins are still the defending Stanley Cup champions, and it was a championship that was very well deserved considering the great second-half they had last year, but things would have probably gone differently if one of Pittsburgh's two superstar players found themselves out of the lineup.

Evgeni Malkin, who the Penguins' selected second overall back in 2004, is one of those two superstars, and for most of his time in the NHL he has been one of the league’s top scoring forwards; but what many Penguins fans do not know, is that Malkin is currently engaged to a very attractive fiancee.

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These two have been in a relationship since 2012, and if any of you think that you have seen her on TV, then you would be right, because this enchanting Canadian is in fact an actress who has had roles on several shows, with her biggest role coming in the Canadian teen drama series By the time this NHL season is done, Dion Phaneuf will be a twelve-year veteran, and in all that time, he has somehow managed to only play for teams located in his native country of Canada.A large number of us also find someone who we develop strong and intimate feelings for, and in most cases these feelings result in a relationship that is filled with love, happiness and at the same time, irritation and turmoil.Intimate relationships can truly be wonderful experiences, but anyone who has had one will agree that there are a lot of ups and downs associated with such a relationship, but those same people will also agree that once you have found the right person, everything is seemingly perfect.In 2006, the Carolina Hurricanes won the franchise's first Stanley Cup, but since then, the team has more or less played like garbage, which is not all that surprising seeing as the team has been rebuilding for over half a decade now.Fortunately for Hurricanes fans, the rebuild is now starting to show signs of paying off, and Jeff Skinner, if he stays healthy, is going to be a major part of the team's offensive core for years to come.With this entry, we return to the Detroit Red Wings, and although their playoff streak may be coming to an end this year, every fan can acknowledge the fact that the entire roster worked incredibly hard to keep the streak going, especially the team's veteran captain, Henrik Zetterberg.There is no doubt that this season has put a lot of weight on Zetterberg's shoulders, considering that he is now near the end of his career, but if there is one silver lining in regards to missing the playoffs, it is that he will get to spend more time with his breathtaking wife, Emma.Tomas Tatar is one of these forwards, and this Slovakian player has so far been with Detroit for the entirety of his career, and although he has had problems scoring the past two seasons, at least he is in a relationship with an actual beauty queen.Lucia Slaninkova is also from Slovakia, and she is a bit of a celebrity in their homeland as she participated in and won the 2013 Miss Earth Slovak Republic beauty contest, a win that was very deserving because she is a very beautiful woman.In every professional sport, there is at least one franchise that stands above all the rest in terms of history and championship wins, and in hockey, that team is the Montreal Canadiens who have existed since before the NHL was even formed, and they have won the coveted Stanley Cup a record 24 times.A team like Montreal has had many great players throughout its history, which is why it should not come as a surprise that the franchise has had some great Hall of Fame level team captains, and the team's current captain, Max Pacioretty is forced to have to continue that legacy of greatness.

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