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We're good where we are, and happy not to define it.

When I tried to explain that to my mom after I flew to the Bahamas to be with Katie over Christmas, she didn't really get it.

We were running into problems: To a girl who had broken her ankle when she "partied too hard for America" over July 4th (her own description) and mentioned New York as a bad place for limited mobility, my mom responded with, "Correct on bad city for broken bone navigation." (She then also asked, "Are you athletic? (At least those weren't the same, I guess.) I offered a hug and a "Hi, nice to meet you," which was—unbeknownst to her—the first interaction we had ever exchanged. We had nothing in common outside of the fact that we both had eyes and jobs. If I asked her any of the things we had already "discussed" on Tinder previously, she made no mention of me bringing it up again here.

So I did what any solo twenty-something guy would do: I installed Tinder on my mom’s phone and asked her to find me a date. It's a warm late-summer night in New York's West Village, and I'm on my way to rendezvous with a woman I met on the Internet.She's 30, has a real, actual pulse, and has never been on Tinder in her life.(We met in person and then reconnected via Twitter DM, a romantic device my mom is definitely not yet familiar with.) We don't live in the same place, and we aren't dating, though we try to see each other when we can."You could get a lot of sexually transmitted diseases," she'd said over the phone, swiping through a carousel of pouty female twenty-somethings."I don't think you should just hook up for casual sex.After having a C-section when she welcomed Alexis in September, Serena had the euphoric experience of feeling her daughter lay on her chest, but then, she said, "Everything went bad." She went on to explain that because of her history of blood clots, she immediately knew something was wrong when she began experiencing shortness of breath.Due to her surgery, Serena wasn't taking her normal medication to keep the clots under control, which made her worry about having another pulmonary embolism (a life-threatening condition when blood clots travel to the lungs).We sat at the bar, and as the date wound down, a somewhat intoxicated woman behind Katie leaned over. Grinding through push-ups together, she says, "Whew! I realized that many people do use the app as a means of connecting with new people (with success!), and I didn't want to make light of that by telling her: "I was looking for somebody that was cute, but then had something else to say rather than seems like she just wanted to get right in bed," she'd tell me.

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