Tips on dating for shy people

All people want reassurance even the confident ones and that's why people usually feel uneasy around the shy person because of believing that he doesn't want to talk to them!(see Conversation tips) See how focusing on your own emotions and ignoring the emotions of others during a conversation can result in a bad first impression?If you’re shy, plan to “wade” into dating before jumping into the deep end.

If you feel that you look your best, you are more likely to feel confident.An outgoing person may just shrug and say, “oh well, on to the next person!” A shy person will probably hole up in a corner and be too hard on themselves.Shyness is a personality disorder that prevents people from being at ease around strangers or even some of their friends.Usually shy people find it very hard to start a conversation with strangers or to even talk about themselves freely in the presence of others.Now if you are a shy person you must understand that you will never be able to overcome that fear before you prove to yourself that its an irrational fear and you wont be able to do that before you face it.In the Solid Self confidence program i said that if you forced yourself to talk with others and to start conversations with strangers you will feel uneasy in the beginning but as you become more skilled your shyness will ease.Any confidence you can muster is a good thing for a shy person on a date!Using your look is also a great way to create a conversation starter. An example of conversation starters could be jewelry or a shirt with an interesting graphic or quote on it.If you’re shy and feel overwhelmed with the thought of dating, fear not!Here are some tried and true tips to finding romance.

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