Top ten intimidating dogs

Gentle with children, this breed makes an ideal family pet.When he feels his pack is threatened, a Mastiff will most likely knock an intruder to the ground and lay on them until assistance arrives.If the home includes horses, even better; the Dalmatian has a symbiotic relationship with horses.If an owner can get past the drooling nature of this lovable breed, the Dogue de Bordeaux sports a calm temperament, is loyal to its pack and affectionate to a fault.Dachshund means ‘badger dog’ in German, and any canine bred for the purpose of dealing with such a beast is no joke.A badger is a fierce enemy, pound for pound one of the most dangerous creatures on earth; the dachshund had to match it in intensity to have any chance of surviving an encounter.

Active, energetic and friendly these are just a few words to describe one of the most popular breeds in the United States.

Because of their smaller size, the bites aren’t serious and rarely require medical attention, which skews the statistics unfairly.

Below is a list of ten breeds that, while small or not otherwise overtly intimidating, are frequently underestimated.

Goldens are intelligent, eager to please and love to play and run with children.

The “Buddy” franchise movies aid in keeping the Golden Retriever a popular choice among families.

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