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Likewise, in 1913 Reo offered a windshield as optional equipment.In 1915, though, Oldsmobile was first to sell the top and windshield as standard equipment.There were two significant problems with the laminated glass, however: its inner celluloid layer would discolor, darken, and become brittle over time and it could be punctured easily.

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By the end of 1919 they had perfected a process for pouring molten glass through rollers and onto a mobile table.

Another impetus for his decision may have been one reported on by author Ford R.

Bryan in his 1993 book "Henry's Lieutenants": In 1918 Henry Ford saw distortion in the rear window of a Model T and decided he needed to produce improved glass. With more and more customers opting for enclosed vehicles, glass was harder to come by and the price of glass had risen nearly three-fold.

As Ford continued utilizing safety glass, a 1928 full-page ad for the Triplex Safety Glass Company touted, "The new Ford is equipped with a windshield of Triplex — the glass that will not shatter." Other manufacturers followed suit.

Pittsburgh Plate Glass (the first financially successful U. plate glass manufacturer) in 1928 introduced Duplate, its economical version of laminated glass.

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