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We use a 240-question personality test which places your “Big Five” personality traits on a scale and that we use to focus your search onto those with whom you’ll have chemistry.

Not famous for our romanticism, a growing number of Scots are still looking for the partner that helps them get the most from life.I want diversity, variety and a range of price points, so I’m glad that a brand like Coverstory is now manufacturing chic, modern, sexy clothes (and hopefully a gingham shirt dress soon? I just wish they were more proud of the fact they’re making plus size clothes.It’s important to note that the plus size market is not a niche, negligible area of business.The secret, of course, is looking in the right place.Elite Singles members aren’t looking for flings or casual love affairs with no long-term prospects.Facebook banned an advert for a body positivity talk which featured her earlier this week, saying it violated their advertising standards for promoting an “unhealthy” image.It’s not the first time the model has faced criticism.For a country small in size, Scotland more than compensates with its vast natural beauty, distinct culture and world-leading gastronomy. And if you’re looking for a Scottish dating site that helps you find the best of them, look no further.The clichéd image of Scottish life might look rosy; enjoying the outdoors, dancing up a storm at ceilidhs and topping it all off with a dram or two of local whisky.ll of which is why I totally disagree with those people currently petitioning retailers to lose the plus size labels.Their argument is that “plus size” is a meaningless term - and one that implies women over a size 18 are a marginal group who shop differently from others, dictated by out-dated rules like no stripes or bold colours.

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