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To add a site to the list, start a new line at the bottom of the file, type the IP, insert a space or tab and type the domain.

For example, to block Facebook, type "127.0.01 facebook.com" without quotes.

If a Web page stops loading after editing the file, undo your changes.

If you haven't edited the Hosts file before and run into this problem, the change might have been caused by a virus or another user's error, so reset the Hosts file by deleting everything in it starting after the last line containing "localhost," and then run a virus scan.

This tool is cluster aware which means it allows you to specify cluster nodes and the tool will create the masking considering putting all cluster nodes in a single masking view.

Please have a look at the “Example” Sheet to find a sample entry for Clustered and standalone hosts and the output files for them.

This tool simplifies and automates Masking and Zoning Hosts that are going to be connected to EMC VMAX LUNs as it gets –specially with too many hosts- time consuming and error prone when created manually.

Note: this Version only supports Zoning for Brocade SAN switches !

The Windows Hosts file acts like a local domain name server, storing the IP address and domain name pairs.

Set incorrectly, the Hosts file can cause websites to stop loading, so check the file for erroneous entries or erase its modifications if you have trouble connecting to some sites online.

Every website's domain name, such as "google.com," is linked to an Internet Protocol address, which locates the website's server on the Internet.

The Windows Hosts file stores IP address and domain name pairs that help direct your computer to sites on the Internet or your local network.

Browsing the Web doesn't usually require editing the Hosts file, but it serves as a basic way to block an unwanted site or a tool for tying a Web address to a website you're in the middle of developing.

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