Updating gps

(TM-D710A/E, RC-D710)Changes the name of the Menu No.624:[APRS]-[SOUND]-[TX BEEP (BEACON)] to [TX BEEP], and enables the output of a beep sound when transmitting an auto-reply message as well as a beacon (position packet).

When packet filter is set to "MOBILE", lists mobile stations not only "MOVING" packets but also any packets which have "mobile" symbols (such as car, person...) following the "APRS SYMBOLS (Icons)" specification.

JVC KENWOOD Corporation shall not assume liability for any defects, nor warrant anything other than is expressly provided in the agreement.

The selection and introduction of the products as well as the results there from shall be upon the liability of the users.

(TM-D710A/E, RC-D710) When an optional VGS-1 unit is installed and APRS VOICE is turned on, if the initial character of the received message is not "%", the TM-D710A/E may not announce the callsign of the sender.

(TM-D710A/E) From this update, the TM-D710A/E's Operation Panel can be used as an APRS ready stand alone TNC (via the optional Interface Kit PG-5J) in the same way as the RC-D710.

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