Updating iphone firmware takes forever

Apart from downloading music, an important task that can be carried out using i Tunes is that the i OS software can be updated via i Tunes and this bypasses the Verifying Update process. Simple, follow the steps given below: Firstly, download the updated version of i Tunes on your personal computer.

Once downloaded, use a USB Cable to connect your i Phone to the computer and then wait for i Tunes to recognize it.

Once done, you will be prompted the available update, hit “Update” to continue.

You will now have to wait for the installation process to get over and please remember not to disconnect your i Phone before it is completed.

It is always advisable to keep your smartphone software updated, isn't it?

Well, first of all, we must understand that fact that whenever a new update is launched, there are millions of i OS users trying to install it because of which Apple servers get congested.You may use this toolkit to fix all types of i OS system errors.also allows a free trial service to all users and promises an efficient and effective system repairing.You may repeat the steps 5-7 times till the i Phone verifying update process is completed.If the first method does not solve the problem, you may try a Force Restart, better known as Hard Reset/ Hard Reboot, your i Phone.Thus, the installation process may take a few minutes which means i Phone verifying update make take time but your i Phone is not stuck.Also, you must take note that there is nothing abnormal if the pop-up appears and takes a few minutes to process the request.The worst part is you are not able to use your device or even navigate to another screen.This certainly is very annoying, since you have no idea what you should do in such a scenario.Once you have completed the process of force restart, you may update the firmware again by visiting “General” in “Settings” and selecting “Software Update” as shown below.This method will definitely help you and your i Phone will not be stuck on Verifying Update pop-up message.

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