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For example, it’s fine to update your Facebook status by saying “I just sponsored a little girl named Maria from Bolivia! But it’s not okay to post her photo and say “This is my 12-year-old sponsored child, Maria Cruz, from a little town named Tiraque in Bolivia.” – And remember that we discourage direct, unmonitored communication with your sponsored child or family without World Vision’s knowledge.

This includes contact through the internet or social media (e.g. – We’re fully committed to protect the security, privacy, and dignity of the children whose parents/guardians and community leaders have graciously allowed us to be a part of our child sponsorship programs.

This in turn improves their lives and the lives of others by generating employment within While families living in the rural areas of Sri Lanka have a basic livelihood, they have little or no means of improving them.

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In other cases, the children may have never seen a camera or have rarely been photographed. Because of this, we ask our sponsors to abide by the following standards while participating and partnering in World Vision’s Sponsorship program: – In order to protect children’s security and privacy, please don’t post your sponsored child’s last name or child ID number on the internet or social media sites.If you have not yet updated to JDK 8, follow these steps to install and enable it: Mac OS will automatically set the new JDK version as the default by updating /System/Library/Frameworks/Java VM.framework/Versions/Current.We’ll let your sponsored child know they’re sponsored as soon as possible.You should receive an introductory letter from your sponsored child within three or four months of signing up to sponsor.Note that although your sponsored child will now know they’re sponsored, they won’t know anything about you until you begin to write to them. When our staff take photos of the children they do encourage them to smile.If it’s been more than a year since you last received a progress report, we will be glad to communicate with the national office for you. We understand circumstances arise that make it difficult to continue sponsorship.We would love to work with you to make adjustments to your account so you can continue your relationship with your sponsored child if you would like to.Although it may seem your sponsored child is now at an age when they should be able to write, it’s possible not many children in the community can write well or write a complete letter in English.Also, the standard of education in rural areas is not as advanced compared to those in urban areas where children start school earlier.This is one reason why letters are sometimes written by a family member or helper on behalf of the child.There could be a variety of factors that contribute to this.

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