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But then I have my quirks where my house needs to be clean, I need to make sure everyone is taken care of.” The mom of two recently partnered with Clorox.

When asked if she finds his baseball uniform to be a turn on, she admitted yes, but when he tried to dig deeper by asking if she brings it into the bedroom, she quipped, "I take it off into the bedroom."Ooh la la!

this fall, was previously engaged to Justin Timberlake‘s business partner Trace Ayala.

But he uses at least some of that money to spoil his lady, “Jo,” as he calls her.

He sent bushels of flowers to her on Valentine’s Day, and a card from each of their dogs on Mother’s Day.

Her willingness to answer his questions only prompted the Bravo host to ask even more invasive questions, like whether victory sex or loss sex is better."Drunk sex is the best, but victory sex is nice," she answered. The 35-year-old actress also admitted that they're having sex all the time.

"He definitely always gets laid," she admitted, "and I'm not just saying that because I'm a jerk.

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