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In this weekly 30-minute message from Andy, you will discover how to make better decisions and live with fewer regrets. If God has lost his appeal because we’ve mixed him up with a gaggle of gods that don’t exist, then how can we know what God is really like?So check out our website at additional ways to watch, listen, and connect. If the Bible is the foundation of the Christian faith, then as the Bible goes, so goes the legitimacy of Christianity.I was, however, familiar with his father, pastor Charles Stanley of FBC Atlanta.In fact, I had bought several of the elder Stanley’s books. Best of all, he offers the most practical and uncensored advice you will ever hear on this topic. Right, through the true definition and design for love.

But there’s no correlation between knowing what’s next and being prepared for what’s next. In this series, Andy explains how to prepare for the season ahead. In this episode, Andy explains that Christianity doesn’t exist because of the Bible any more than you exist because of your birth certificate. If you’ve walked away from faith or religion, it could be that your version of god never existed in the first place.Some minor disagreements aside, I have always viewed him as a faithful teacher and preacher.I mistakenly expected the same faithfulness to God’s Word from his son. Pracuje na sopockim wydziale Szkoły Wyższej Psychologii Społecznej.Jest kierownikiem Laboratorium Badań Eksperymentalnych i członkiem Laboratory of Applied Psychology: Cognition, Emotion, and Decision Making w SWPS.They separated after the woman’s husband began a same-sex relationship with another man, who was still married to a woman.The man and his partner wanted to serve as volunteers at the church, but Stanley explained that the two men were committing adultery since one of them did not finalize his divorce yet and thus could not serve as volunteers.It took me by surprise when in April 2012, Andy Stanley delivered his “When Gracie Met Truthy” sermon.From the Christian Post: “While preaching on the tension between grace and truth (‘the truth is ‘you’re a sinner,’ and the grace is ‘I don’t condemn you”), Stanley told the story of a divorced couple who formerly attended North Point together.Stanley clearly and repeatedly stressed the sin of adultery, but then left the reality of the homosexual relationship between the two men unaddressed as sin.To the contrary, he seemed to normalize their relationship.

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