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was released in August 20, 2002, and produced the U. Seether delayed recording their second album, choosing instead to re-record their acoustic balled "Broken" as an epic string-enhanced, electric ballad duet with Amy Lee.

The band also re-recorded and remixed yielded Seether's first No.

Morgan has "1308" tattooed on his right fingers and "2007" tattooed on his left fingers to mark the date of Eugene's passing.

In a July 2007 MTV interview, Morgan hinted that third single "Breakdown" could be a "lament rather than an angry backlash” to Amy Lee's lyrics about him in Evanescence's "Call Me When You're Sober." Seether's fifth studio album, 200 album chart – Seether's highest charting album to date.

As a result, all stores and wholesalers are closed.in 2000 performing under the name Saron Gas until 2002. Seether has been classified as post-grunge – a form of hard rock inspired by the 90's Seattle grunge movement. 1 single "Fine Again." During 2002, Seether frontman Shaun Morgan began a relationship with Evanescence singer Amy Lee when their bands played summer festivals together. record label Wind-up Records they changed their name to Seether – due to their previous name sounding like the lethal nerve agent sarin gas.After completing rehab, Morgan and Seether recorded their fourth studio album, 200 album chart. Second single and Seether's most heart-wrenching song, "Rise Above This," was written for Shaun Morgan's brother, Eugene, in an attempt to bring him out of severe depression.Tragically Eugune committed suicide while on tour with Seether on August 13, 2007.In line ahead of you are going to be employees who are owed wages, money owed to employee benefit plans, and the fees and expenses of administering the bankruptcy estate.How long does it take for the court to pay my claim?The company sold wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns.Their motto was: The Alfred Angelo Bankruptcy case was filed under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which means the company has ceased operations and the assets of the company will be liquidated.If you ordered a wedding dress, and each bridesmaid also individually ordered their own dress, each one of you is entitled to a priority of up to 00. Priority puts you in the payout line ahead of certain other creditors, such as suppliers and outside vendors.However, there are some other types of claims that are going to have priority ahead of you.

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