Street Gorodotskaya

Gorodotskaya Street – the longest street in the city of Lviv. Its length – more than seven kilometers. In the past, street consisted of three parts, which later merged into one of the most important thoroughfares. On the street are old buildings, each of which has its own history.

In the past, street Gorodotskaya consisted of three parts, and it has become a single entity only in 1964. The oldest part of the street, cut from the Market Square to the street Taras Shevchenko in the old days was called “street of St. Anne.” Street so called because it stands on the church “St. Anne”, which is currently completely rebuilt. The church was erected in memory of those killed during the uprising apprentice tailors in town.

Streets are lined with buildings in various architectural styles – classicism constructivism, modernism, and others. Here are the most interesting from the point of view of the history of the building, “Trade House”, built in 1913, several old industrial sites, State Circus, schools and many other buildings that were previously used as theaters, photo studios, churches and prisons.

In 1879, the street Gorodotska let the first horse tram, and about thirty years down the street was the first electric tram.

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